Garden Apartments.

Originally I was a horticulturist before moving into real estate so I want to talk about the thought that living in an apartment does not mean you have to forgo a flourishing garden. Quite the opposite. With the increased demand of indoor plants and cooking show’s there is a real opportunity to create your own oasis within your apartment. I have here four great ideas and reason’s why you should consider a garden within your apartment.

“How deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening.” Alexander Smith

1. Vegetable and Herbs
We all love the idea of being able to pick fresh chilli or basil or tomatoes but you don’t need a quarter acre block to do this. Vegetable and herbs can grow extremely well out on a well lit balcony or terrace. Those of you who are already living in apartments the same principals apply to growing herbs and vegetable you will need pots that are filled with well drained soils and a good suggestion is have pot that drains into a saucer so that you do not stain your tiles or whichever floor coving you may have out on your balcony. Another must is obviously water access. Now this is something to consider when you are going from apartment project to another. We do include water outlets on most of our apartments as it has been brought up time and time from previous and current clients and Mirvac have listened to this and wherever possible they are installed.

2. Indoor Plants
Indoor plants offer so many benefits to living in an apartment. They add a softness to what can be sometimes are very clean and cold environment. Also add life and oxygen to a home and helps to purify the air around especially if you are living in a built up urban area which most apartments are.

When looking for indoor plant there are quite a few varieties to consider but here are my top five.
1. Golden Pothos; these are such a great plan hard to kill bounce back when neglected they are a true survivor and look green and lush when looked after.

2. Boston Fern; Like to above a true survivor but are thick and lush and easy to car for and will handle some low light conditions too.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig;  these are great for some leaf contrast. Big foliage, tall plant great one to add some height but needs to be looked after and given a little extra water to maintain those big leaves.

4. Monstera; the fashion icon of the 70s With all this 70s and 80s coming back these are great for those classic art deco maisonettes
5. Aloe Vera; these are easy to look after and also have healing properties for sunburn.

3. Tip and Tricks
Living in a strata building can have certain guidelines that you need to be aware of but it is still very easy to look after and move your garden around.

One very handy tool would be a small foldable trolley. This can be kept in your storeroom or the back of your car and will come in handy when moving heavy pots up to your apartment or bags of soil etc.

Also when you are out looking for an apartments either “off the plan” or existing really make sure you have a tap on the balcony. As you know this will prove vital in making sure your plants stay alive. The other options if there is not will be utilising the laundry basin sink to fill a water container to water all your plants. This though will be more time consuming and

Another thing to consider is the light factor. Especially when you are buying off the plan. Solar orientation is so important for a thriving balcony garden . So make sure your balcony receives plenty of sun but will be protected by the harsh setting sun also. The classic northerly aspect proves very well for this. And also an “open balcony” should be a consideration. Sometimes you will see a balcony designed in such a way that it will not allow the sun the penetrate in. So those that are on the top floors usually are best or even at the ground floor too.

Well I hope this has helped to inspire you to still consider this type of living and you will not loose all that you thought you may have had in the garden that you had while living in a home. It can be done and you will still enjoy the gardening but also allow you extra time to do other activities as there is more time to enjoy.

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