Investment options

This is just a thought probing article. Investment what does it mean? It’s when a person invests money or time or even expertise to gain a positive return. Simply you put something in and the goal is to get something out. There is always a risk associated with it and no guarantee. So here a 5 ways that people invest. There are others but these are a few you may already be aware of and some that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

  1. Real Estate:

There are so many options in real estate: residential, commercial, rural, trusts, syndications, property development. Most of us are aware of the way real estate works and how it can impact our wealth creation. Real estate is  a “market” like any other and is effected by simple supply and demand. If you have strong supply and no demand values drop if there is short supply and high demand the values will rise through competition and demand from the community. So what you need to ascertain is. Is the piece of real estate you are looking at going to have or already has demand in the “marketplace”?  For now and the foreseeable future.

  • Yourself:

Who would of thought that investing in you could give you a positive return. Well it can. Taking time to learn a new skill or study a new topic or obtain a higher level of fitness. All these things can give you a positive return on the effort and expense you put into it. Even the fitness. Work hard enough and this can net your more wealth than any degree from university or school. But the return you achieve in investing in yourself is dependent on your effort. Put in more effort you are likely to get a better return. Put in less effort and you will obtain a lower return

  • Sharemarket

Probably one of the most talked about forms of investment. The beauty of the share market are the returns can be very healthy. And you make profit whether or not the market is going up or down. But with high returns comes high risks. This is where the above of investing in yourself can help and overlap in helping in your returns on the sharemarket

  • Business

You can invest money directly or indirectly here. Its quite good in this aspect. Indirectly as a shareholder in a public listed company like above or a private one as a silent shareholder. If you like to sit back and entrust those who are managing the business be a silent investor. But if you lik eto be hands on a direct investment and handling of the business on aday to day basis maybe more your style. Even in times like now there are definitely opportunities to create or buy businesses that will flourish you just have to be astute to pick the right ones.

  • Other People

What I am referring to here is you could invest in another person’s achievement and help them along their path. This could be via getting on board with a great idea that no one else has thought of and take advantage of the profits when its all been developed. But another is to invest in someone unique ability or even their laser focus. What I am referring to is aspiring sportspeople. Some need help financially to take the financial  burden away and focus on the goal ahead. This then could lead to national or international  championships. They will publicly take the glory they deserve but then you can take advantage of the financial dividends that comes with success.