Our Strategy & Process for selling your property

In the sale of residential real estate , there are approximately 135 separate tasks that are required through contractual law, compliance, marketing, banks, solicitors, lawyers and valuers. Our team will facilitate and navigate your property through these tasks, to the process that allows us to actually transact real estate in legal compliance with the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978.

Behind the scenes, there are many contributing factors that lead to a successfully transacted sale of real estate. Our ability to facilitate these actions on your behalf is a key yet invisible part of our role as your agent . Many people just see us doing the inspect ions, the  staged marketing and portal marketing, but there are in fact a multitude of actions that go on to make the magic of a sale come together, and it is our job as your agent to project manage and facilitate a successful sale on your behalf.

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Frequently asked questions 

1.     For sale, auction or both?

Depending on the active marketplace, you do have the option of using the For Sale or Auction method . For Sale means to sell with a ceiling price and Auction mean selling with a non-ceiling price. Some times, we use a combination of both by placing the property to auction and depending up on the reaction to the pricing and interest, we can modify the campaign and attach a price .

 2.     What are the four stages of marketing?

Stage One Is the  VIP preview, Stage Two Is our digital launch and social, Stage Three Is the Internet portal and Stage Four Is press and advertising . Although these four stages are rolled out consecutively to provide evidence and  guidance, they can be launched and activated within a one week period once the photography is all complete and ready for distribution.

3.     How will you keep me informed?

As your real estate team, we will contact you at various times during the week whenever activity is generated at the  property or behind the scenes. By each Tuesday afternoon , we will send or deliver to you a full Progress Report containing all the information you need to know such as inspections, any offers, feedback from potential purchasers and information relating to properties on the market that could influence pricing.

4.     Will you pass on offers?

Al l offers, irrespective of price levels , will be submitted and discussed with you . Great care is taken before any recommendations are made to ensure that we can achieve a great price in the current market. You will receive a phone call with all interested offers and we will discuss what to do next. This will then be confirmed in writing and  added to your Progress Report on conclusion of the negotiations.

5.     What happens if the offer is not high enough?

Offers are made by prospective purchasers based on their own impressions of the market. Dont take offers below your expectation personally. You have the right to say no, in which case you remain the owner of the property, The greatest homes in the world can remain unsold due to price and as your agent, the ultimate aim is to achieve the best price outcome for you. However, as the owner, the final decision is always yours. We are here to support you.

6.     What happens if I want to accept an offer?

Once we have negotiated the final price for you and the purchaser has been confirmed for their final bank approval, we will activate all paperwork on your behalf, facilitate  solicitors and takthdeposit.

7.     Should I get an independent building and pest report?

Yes. By obtaining a full report on the building, we are all aware of any possible problems that will show up on the future buyer’ s build ing and pest report. This has a number of advantages amany problems can be rectified before heading into negotiations. In addition, we can bring any minor issues to the buyer’s attention and in doing so, avoithe  last minute  financial compromise that so often happens in a real estate transaction which can be financially painful. A building  and  pest report  is our own insurance policy of what we need to know, and can isome  instances, b e on sold to the purchaser.

8.     What do I need to do before settlement?

In between the acceptance of contracts and the actual settlement day, we will provide you with a checklist of things you  need  to d o in relation to communicating with your solicitor or settlement agent and your bank. However, we are here to navigate , advise  ansupport you through this entire period. Our team will check in with you at various points as we have every thing scheduled within our calendar for a smooth conclusion , allowing you to prepare for the settlement day.

9.     When do I have to pay the agent’s fees?

The performance fee to our agency is not due and payable until settlement and the good news is, you actually don‘t pay us, meaning we don ‘t givyou a tax invoice and you pay the  bill. We are actually paid out of the proceeds of the sale that we’ve generated on your behalf. Once the property has settled, the disbursements are  handled by our financial team, and the proceeds from the salof your home will be transferred into your nominated bank account.

l0. I’m away for a few days – what happens?

Please leave with us the phone number of a family member or friend who knows where you will be, just in case we need to discuss an offer or some other important matter. In some areas, mobile phone reception is unavailable so an alternative method of contact , such as a land line or email address is worth considering in case there is an urgent need to get in contact with you.

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