What tools do agents use to help you?

This is a brief overview of 5 tools that a lot of agents use to help their client’s obtain the best possible results on the sale of their home and assist buyers in finding the best home suitable and save them time.

  1. Rp Data

This is a great tool that first and foremost allows us to track what has sold and when. But also there are also many other aspects that help clients to find a property or even find a property at the best possible price. It can allow you to “watch” a property or an area to see what has sold, listed of even see when the property has had any price reductions. Also if a buyer is looking for a very particular area we can allocate a “map” drawn to their exact requirements and like above see what has listed and when straight away and then alert our clients of this. Quick and easy.

  1. Agency CRM

These are also called a database but that word so under sell’s it so much. A CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Manager) allows us to manage 1000s of clients personally. It is just not possible otherwise and yes sometimes you might see the apparent generic email/sms come through but the agent has seen your name to have actioned that task or the report after as to who has opened or not to give those people a call. Also to keep buyers in touch of what has come up for sale they are extremely powerful and in turn that helps our sellers too. WIN/WIN.


  1. Electronic Signing

I love this! It has been around for a while but only starting to be taken up by most. It just makes sure that everything and everyone signs documents correctly and nothing is missed and everyone gets a copy its all sorted and agent’s and clients are not spending days finding initials missed here and there. And wow for those who remember faxing….. Yes me too it could take forever and the quality of the document just got worse and worse. So thank you for electronic signing.


  1. Robot Messaging

Remember when you tried to call an agent and you kept playing telephone tag for some information?? Well robot marketing doesn’t not miss anyone. Just text a word to a number and you will have all the information on that property that you need instantly and yes the agent also has your details so they will also call you to find out how they can help you more. Using these robots will help everyone with everything!!


  1. Supplier relationships

This is so important for agent and in turn their buyers and sellers. I like to maintain good relationships with our suppliers as they are a wealth of information and they are there to help us help you. I was talking with a supplier the other day and he put us onto so much that helped my clients properties obtain the best exposure possible with the least amount of cost. People are not about selling you the most expensive package but the most effective package


There you go just a brief summary of a few of the items we as agents use to help sell our clients properties and help our buyers find a new home. Thank you