Why Perth? What are people saying? My experience with interstate and overseas buyers in my car?

Over the years I have had many people in my car (and hired a bus too) showing them around Perth to see different real estate opportunities. Generally the purpose is to find a place to call home in this new country of theirs.

The question I have always asked of these people is Why Perth?  And this is what I have found out.

Look up! We are so fortunate that yes, on most days in Perth, you can count on a blue, blue sky. It’s just so rare these days to find a place in the world with such a consistent climate. Other parts of the world have massive pollution problems. We are so fortunate that we can look up at this vast expanse of blue sky. This is the aspect I normally receive; the response from people from England, Scotland and Ireland. One lady who came here for a holiday just fell in love with it and decided to move here and left all connections back home to start afresh with no connections here and was purely drawn by the sun and sky. I have other clients who have bought property here to use as their base and take every opportunity to spend summer here and do their laps up and down between Cottesloe and Swanbourne escaping the northern winter.

Although sometimes I see it as being quite sterile but the fact our city is always kept impeccably clean of rubbish and leaves (those blowers and suckers are worked overtime). People are drawn by the fact that the paths are clean, all the roads are smooth and traffic does flow quite well (to the contrary of some sensationalist reports) in contrast to other parts of the world. It’s very easy to get around and this is another reason why people enjoy and have a desire to live here.

The nanny State? Yes we are over-governed but this is a good thing. Especially when you are transacting real estate. I have had quite a number of clients tell me that they feel confident that the contract that they are entering into is well-regulated. This gives them confidence to buy in Perth as everything is laid out for them and also especially with strata-titled property all the necessary disclosures are given at the point of sale and sellers are regulated to disclose any new information  directly relevant to the strata company and or plan during the course of the settlement process. So the fact we are over regulated is a positive and also gives confidence in those investing in Western Australia from other parts of the world.

These are just a few of the aspects of why Perth is a good place to invest and why interstate and overseas people are attracted to Perth. Please don’t get me wrong, the economic fundamentals of Western Australia with our supreme resource-rich state along with our superior LNG projects and also farming industries are key to drawing people to Perth also. I just thought to add a few other aspects that in some cases are also staring us and should be promoted.

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